Vadim Repin dedicated a solo concert to his mother

27 march 2018, 10:11
Vadim Repin’s concert dedicated to his mother took place in Arnold Kats State Concert Hall on March 26th. The violinist performed a two-hour solo program together with pianist Andrei Korobeinikov. His previous solo performance his native city heard 30 years ago. Some compositions of the program were changed: in memory of the victims of events in Kemerovo Sonata No.1 by Sergei Prokofiev sounded, one of the most tragic compositions for violin and piano. The concert was included in the program of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival.

“I have not performed with a solo concert in Novosibirsk for more than 30 years, - says Vadim Repin. - My last concert here was, I think, in 1986, before the Queen Elizabeth Contest... And my mother reminded me of this! She has an anniversary this year - she turns 70 years old. She asked me to play a solo concert for her, and I decided to give her such a gift”.

Regular listeners of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival concerts know Galina Repina by sight: she attends all the festival events and surrounds all participants of the festival with attention, kind attitude and concern - both stars of world music or novice performers.

“Now I can estimate the degree of dedication that my mother showed during my studies, and then, being a boy, I could not fully understand this. Now the events of those years I cannot remember without tears. It was an absolute, unconditional devotion of herself and her life - 100%, - says Vadim Repin, - Mom took night work - to manage to go to the conservatory with me in the afternoon, she sat at lessons and wrote down all the comments, argued with me so that I studied the piano - because someone said that it is necessary. I remember the story of how she borrowed, probably from seventy people, so that I could have the necessary bow. Not understanding the musical subtleties, my mother just did everything she could to develop me. It was an absolute dedication, without looking back”.

Sonata for violin and piano by Debussy, Sonata No. 3 for violin and piano by Grieg, Rhapsody No. 1 for violin and piano by Bartok and Sonata No. 1 for violin and piano by Prokofiev were performed at the concert, the musicians took the decision to perform it (instead of Sonata No. 2 by Prokofiev) in connection with the tragic events in Kemerovo.

«Andrei Korobeinikov and I chose a special program for this concert, which was performed many times: it was, for example, heard in Paris and London. We are confident in it, so we brought it to Novosibirsk", said Vadim Repin, But in the morning on the day of the concert, we decided to replace one of the compositions. Everyone knows what a tragedy happened in Kemerovo: this event is absolutely terrible - it seems to me that no person today can pass by it in the world of art or in his profession. In memory of the victims, Prokofiev's First Sonata sounded - one of the most tragic works for our band, for the duet - and one of the most brilliant".

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