The high mass of Bach will be performed today in the program of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival in performance of an international team of soloists and Novosibirsk musicians

30 march 2018, 10:18
Today, March 30, in Arnold Kats State Concert Hall in Novosibirsk, the Mass in B minor by Johann Sebastian Bach will sound, followed by the title "The Great Mass." The monumental score, crowning the creative path of one of the greatest composers in the history of mankind, will be performed under the baton of the conductor Ilia Krol (Austria) performed by soprano Marie-Sophie Pollak (Germany), mezzo-soprano Catriona Morison (Great Britain), tenor Jan Petryka (Poland) bass Yasushi Hirano (Japan), Novosibirsk Choir Chapel and Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra. The organ will be performed by Jeremy Joseph (South Africa), wind instrument parties - Austrian musicians Hermann Ebner (horn), Sebastian Frese and Josef Bednarik (oboe).

The performance of the large-scale vocal and instrumental scores of the Baroque period is gradually becoming an integral part of the festival program: a year ago – "Saint John Passion" by Bach was performed on the Trans-Siberian Art Festival, also under Ilia Korol. The experience of cooperation between the conductor and the international team of singers with Novosibirsk bands was so successful that it was decided to continue it.

Ilia Korol is a violinist, viola player, conductor, specialist in the field of authentic performance. He seeks to recreate the true sound of music, characteristic of the time when it was written. In the case of the Mass in B minor, it is the middle of the 18th century.

The musician appreciates the experience of working with Novosibirsk bands: "No matter how you play this music, you still recognize it and see something new in it. This is a great motivation for me and for musicians. After the rehearsals, we discuss what we are doing, we feel indifference and curiosity. And this is right, it should be so, that's why we really became musicians. Such moments always rejuvenate, you feel like a child with eyes wide open to the world. And old music is a way of life in a way. It fills you with purity and love, so you want to always be around".

Mass in B minor, completed by Johann Sebastian Bach at the end of his life, is one of the most ambitious of his works. The composition was pondered for many years: there is evidence that its first fragments were written in the 1720s, and the autograph of the Mass in its final form dated 1748 or 1749 year.

The concerts of the fifth Trans-Siberian Art Festival, headed by Vadim Repin, will be held from March to July 2018. The festival program in Novosibirsk will end of 2nd April, though the Russian part of the Festival will last to May 13 and will include Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Samara in its route. The foreign part of the route will take place in the USA and Japan in June and July.

The key point in the geography of the festival is Novosibirsk - the hometown of the artistic director of the project. By tradition, small towns of the Novosibirsk region will not be left without attention, the list of which has expanded significantly this year: Berdsk, Krasnozyorskoe, Toguchin, Karasuk.

One of the key participants in the project is Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra. Vadim Repin repeatedly stressed the decisive role played by the collective in implementing the idea of ​​the Trans-Siberian Art Festival. The main venue of the festival always remains the Arnold Kats State Concert Hall - the new Philharmonic Hall opened in 2013 and, according to Vadim Repin, has become one of the necessary conditions for the implementation of the idea of ​​the festival.

To date, the Trans-Siberian Art Festival has been highly appreciated by the Government of Russia, its programs are included in the cultural presentation of the country at the international level.

The festival is supported by the Government and the Governor of Novosibirsk Region. Also the festival is supported by: the official sponsor of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival, JSC Russian Railways, sponsor of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival PJSC SIBUR Holding.

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