XII Транссибирский Арт–фестиваль

17 March – 4 April 2022
Artistic director Vadim Repin 
Festival is realized with the support of the Governor and the government of Novosibirsk region 

«Dear friends, 
Just as for 120 years the Trans-Siberian Railway has helped to turn Novosibirsk into Siberia’s industrial, academic and cultural capital, the Trans-Siberian Art Festival brings the city an influx of excellent international artists, eminent traditions and outstanding achievements in various fields of the performing arts.» 

Vadim Repin, Artistic Director

The Trans-Siberian Art Festival is a Russian forum, unique in terms of the level, concentration, diversity and location of cultural events.Conceived, founded and led by the outstanding Russian musician Vadim Repin, the Trans-Siberian Art Festival has a clear concept based on the basic principles of educational ideas: accessibility, interaction, innovation, learning. The Trans-Siberian Art Festival is a unique, grandiose in terms of creative and geographical coverage, and, at the same time, the highest level of cultural phenomenon in our country.

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