Musical genres

Symphonies, concertos, quartets, trios, sonatas, cantatas and oratorios and much more - great works from Bach to Shostakovich.
The "Weather" in this genre is defined by two teams: Vladimir Tolkachev Big Band and "Siberian Dixieland". Besides, Novosibirsk musicians and musicians on tour perform on the philharmonic stages in the frames of "Jazz Club". Finally, it is worth recalling the grand International Jazz festival SibJazzFest, which gathers legendary jazz masters from Europe, America and Asia.
Literally "retro" (lat. Retro) means "back", "referring to the past". Each of us has in the past so many dear, beloved and unforgettable things! Songs by Vertinsky and Utesov, tunes of ABBA and the Beatles, hits from the repertoire of Muslim Magomayev and Anna German. In other words – easy-listening music, proven by time.
A rather diverse range of genres is presented here: Soviet and foreign music, rock, and songs related to folk, jazz and romance style.
Бельгийский цифровой орган Monarke Praludium Novosibirsk был специально разработан под акустические и другие особенности Камерного зала филармонии. Для его создания были записаны звуки лучших органов мира – во Франции, в Германии. Он подходит для исполнения как классической музыки, так и современных произведений для органа, поэтому в репертуаре филармонии есть и то, и другое. А с разнообразием органной музыки новосибирских слушателей знакомят лучшие органисты мира.
Выступления мастеров художественного слова
The concerts are entirely dedicated to the guitar
Philharmonic society offers to the audience a wide variety of programs dedicated to Russian, Georgian, African American, Hispanic, Latin American folklore. Orchestra of Russian Folk instruments, Folklore Ensemble "Rozhdestvo" and "Siberian accordion duo" - groups that are directly connected with Russian folk music. It is the basis of their repertoire.
Old, city, everyday, gypsy, cruel - romance has dozens of varieties, but it is always turned to a person, to the feelings, that is why it is so dear to the hearts. This genre shows incredibly organic union of poetry and music. In concerts romance often coexists with borderline genres - aria, song – and it is not always possible to draw a clear line between them.
The church music is meant under the spiritual music, but these are not only the works that accompany the church services. Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra, choral and vocal ensembles: Chamber Choir, the ensemble "Markell’s voices", Pavel Sharomov Vocal Ensemble, ensemble of Early music “Insula Magica” always appeal to sacred music. Spiritual music is always present on the organ concerts.
Serious interest to the music of pre-Bach period woke up not so long ago - in the second half of XX century. On the wave of this interest an early music ensemble Insula Magica appeared. Many other philharmonic teams appeal to the works of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque.
Philharmonic organizes world premieres of not only Novosibirsk but also of the capital and even foreign composers. Some of these works are at the permanent repertoire of philharmonic teams. On the other hand, it is not necessarily the premieres. Works, created 10 - 20 years ago are performed on Novosibirsk stage.
In recent years the interest to literary evenings has much increased. These concerts are held by masters of artistic word of Music and literature Department of the Philharmonic society. On the other hand philharmonic teams and musicologist Marina Yakushevich joined to this work with great talent.
We do not compete with the Opera Theatre, we sooner complement its activity, so that the forgotten or newly created scores get their stage life.
Novosibirsk Philharmonic Society offers the season tickets for various age groups: up to three years, for preschoolers, for younger pupils and their parents, for senior pupils. There is quite a unique project - a series of concerts for future mothers "Waiting for a miracle."
Concerts, about which you can say: "out of the norm, out of the standard, beyond the ordinary".
Such programs gather on one stage a large number of soloists, art groups and are notable by special splendor and festivity.
По инициативе Губернатора Новосибирской области Андрея Травникова с 1 мая 2023 года в регионе начинает работу программа «Лаврентьевская карта». Это уникальный культурный проект для поддержки молодых учёных.

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«Пушкинская карта» – это инициированный президентом России проект Министерства культуры РФ для всех граждан от 14 до 22 лет. Каждый из них получит карту, на балансе которой будет 5000 рублей в текущем году. Потратить эти деньги можно будет только в музеях, театрах, концертных залах и библиотеках.

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