Vladimir Tolkachev Big Band performed on South Korea main stage

19 august 2013, 12:29
In the beginning of the week Vladimir Tolkachev Big band returned from a concert tour over South Korea. Within a week, Novosibirsk collective gave four concerts in different cities and performed in the main concert venue of the country – Seoul art center.

It was the first tour of Vladimir Tolkachev Big Band to Korea for the recent 30 years. A Korean impresario Kim Yeong In initiated this tour after watching youtube videos of Novosibirsk jazz collective.

From 16 to 19 July Novosibirsk jazz collective played in Ulsan, Jinjou, Guri. On 17 July they had a concert in the main concert venue of the country – Seoul art center. The hall is almost 10 000 square meters and counts 2500 seats. Vladimir Tolkachev Big Band was the first jazz collective to perform there. The same evening, the band shared the stage with the Academy Korean stage star – Kim Gin Chu.

“ Korean audience is prepared for academic music, but they know almost nothing about jazz – tells Vladimir Tolkachev, the Big band leader – that is why, we are like missionaries and showed them a new layer of the world’s culture. The concert program contained jazz arranged masterpieces of classical music of Max Greger and Duke Ellington, jazz music masterpieces, in particular pieces from Glenn Miller orchestra repertoire.

Vladimir Tolkachev noticed a high level of Korean sound engineers and a rousing welcome of Korean audience. “I’ve never seen and never experienced such an excitement from the audience- the Big band leader says- In the end of every program the ovation was so vehement so we had nothing to do but perform all the encores we prepared. Even that was not enough for the audience.”

Big band already received an invitation from BravoComm, which organized the tour, to perform in Seoul art center in December 2014.

On 29 September Vladimir Tolkachev Big Band will open the concert season in Arnold Katz state concert hall with the program “Chattanooga train”. Starting from September 2013 the collective will hold its season ticket concerts in this venue.

Fragment of Vladimir Tolkachev Big band performance on the stage of Seoul Art Centre, 17 July 2013:

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