The world premiere of the concert for the new generation "iGeneration" will take place at the Trans-Siberian Art Festival

20 march 2018, 12:20
On March 24 at Arnold Kats State Concert Hall a concert "Children play for Children" will take place, in which young musicians will perform in front of their contemporaries. Students of the Zakhar Brohn Music School (Zurich), participants of the Trans-Siberian TONALi Tour project and young musicians from Novosibirsk and Kemerovo selected for the concert during the master classes of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival will take the stage. The program will include the world premiere of Daniel Schnyder's “iGeneration”, which genre the author has identified as Concerto Grosso for violin, cello and two young violin soloists. The play will be performed by artistic director of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival Vadim Repin, cellist Alexander Buzlov, students of the Zakhar Brohn School of Music (Zurich) Sophie Branson and Ilva Eigus and the Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra conducted by Alim Shakhmametiev.

On March 24, within the framework of the 5th Trans-Siberian Art Festival, the concert "Children play for Children" will be held for the fifth time, collecting young musicians on stage and young listeners in the hall. This year the concert’s called "Musical Fairytales".

"The world premiere of the concert will be the work of Daniel Schnyder" iGeneration ", written by the order of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival and the Music School of Zakhar Brohn, the idea was to unite adults and young performers on one stage," says Oleg Bely, director of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival. The name «iGeneration»[1] emphasizes that this music is intended for musicians belonging to the new "high-tech" generation, and for their peers-listeners. In this particular grosso there are features characteristic both for classics, and for rock music and jazz - in fact it represents a reflection of the picture of the modern world. The music is very energetic, exciting, witty: the composer was faced with the task of writing a play that young people would not only be interested in performing but also interesting to listen to - and he coped brilliantly with it". The world premiere will be held with the support of the Pro Helvetia Foundation.

Also at the concert will be sounded the numbers from the ballet "Cinderella" by Prokofiev, fragments from Stravinsky's Italian Suite, Waltz-Tales by Shutt, "Give me the wings of the Phoenix to fly away" by K.M. Murphy, Kavaradossi's aria from Puccini's opera "Tosca", a romance "Soon Dawn Will Rise" by Toasti and Piano Quintet by Schumann.

The performers are students of Zakhar Brohn Music School (Zurich) Sophie Branson (violin) and Ilva Eigus (violin); participants of the project "Trans-Siberian TONALi-tour" Johanna Rupert (violin, Germany), Laura Moianian-Bagheri (cello, Germany-Iran), Alexander Vorontsov (piano); students of Novosibirsk Musical College named after A. F. Murov Vitaliy Bogomolov (tenor), students of Novosibirsk Special Music School Albina Khaibullina (violin) and Eva Medvedko (piano), a student of Kemerovo Regional musical college Evgeny Mikhailov (piano).

Together with the young musicians will perform Vadim Repin, Ilya Tarasenko (viola), Alexander Buzlov (cello), Inna Kuida (piano) and Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra condicted by Alim Shakhmametiev.

The concert "Children play for Children" will also be the final point of the cultural and educational project "Trans-Siberian TONALi-tour", organized jointly with the German national contest TONALi. Within its framework, pupils of Novosibirsk secondary schools # 99, # 168 and # 90 for almost two months comprehended the basics of art management and the principles of the work of cultural institutions.

"The task of the project is simple: to explain that there is no need to be afraid of classical music. On the contrary, young listeners should be interested in these concerts, - said Sergei Novikov, the curator of TONALi in Russia, at the beginning of February during the introductory lecture. - We want to arouse their interest and encourage them to do something themselves. Moreover, the musicians who come are interested in making a joint concert with young musicians, and also to communicate with the young audience".

Under the guidance of the school curator and instructor, high school pupils tried themselves as promoters: they had the opportunity to promote the concert “Children play for children” among their peers, and also organize a concert of one of the young musicians participating in the TONALi project at their school, attracting friends, relatives and classmates.

Participants in the Trans-Siberian TONALi Tour project Johanna Rupert (violin, Germany), Laura Moinian-Bagheri (cello, Germany-Iran), Alexander Vorontsov (piano) will perform in several concerts of the V Trans-Siberian Art Festival. On March 25th, together with students of the Zakhar Brohn Music School Sophie Branson and Ilva Eigus, they will take the stage of the Iskitim Palace of Culture, one of the regional centers of the Novosibirsk region. On March 27th there will be a concert of young musicians in Krasnoyarsk.

Together with the TONALi project, concerts of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival will be organized on April 16 in Moscow and April 20 in Samara, Anna Maria Vermayer (violin), Nadia Reich (cello) and Victor Zoos (piano) will take part in them.

 The concerts of the fifth Trans-Siberian Art Festival, headed by Vadim Repin, will be held from March to July 2018. The festival program in Novosibirsk will end of 2nd April, though the Russian part of the Festival will last to May 13 and will include Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Samara in its route. By tradition, small towns of the Novosibirsk region will not be left without attention, the list of which has expanded significantly this year: Berdsk, Krasnozyorskoe, Toguchin, Karasuk.The foreign part of the route will take place in the USA and Japan in June and July.

The key point in the geography of the festival is Novosibirsk - the hometown of the artistic director of the project. One of the key participants in the project is Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra. Vadim Repin repeatedly stressed the decisive role played by the collective in implementing the idea of ​​the Trans-Siberian Art Festival. The main venue of the festival always remains the Arnold Kats State Concert Hall - the new Philharmonic Hall opened in 2013 and, according to Vadim Repin, has become one of the necessary conditions for the implementation of the idea of ​​the festival.

To date, the Trans-Siberian Art Festival has been highly appreciated by the Government of Russia, its programs are included in the cultural presentation of the country at the international level.

The festival is supported by the Government and the Governor of Novosibirsk Region. Also the festival is supported by: the official sponsor of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival, JSC Russian Railways, sponsor of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival PJSC SIBUR Holding.

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