The Swiss composer and saxophonist will perform in the Akademgorodok and distant regions of Novosibirsk region within the framework of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival

21 march 2018, 12:17
On March 23, the concert of Swiss composer and saxophonist Daniel Schnyder and Novosibirsk musicians - string quartet "Phaeton", Mikhail Belyaev (drums) and Vladimir Dranitsa (double bass) will be held at the House of Scientists of the SB RAS. Performers will present a conceptual program combining author compositions and improvisation, jazz and traditional chamber music. The performance will be included in the program of the Vth Trans-Siberian Art Festival. There will be music by Antonio Vivaldi, Georges Bizet, Manuel de Falla, Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, George Gershwin and Daniel Schnyder himself. Further this program will be presented in distant regions of Novosibirsk region, which appeared on the map of festival events this year for the first time: on March 25 the musicians will perform in Krasnozyorskoe, March 26 in Karasuk.

Being one of the most famous Swiss composers in the world, Daniel Schnyder not only writes symphonies, operas, oratorios and concerts for instruments with orchestra, but also acts as a virtuoso saxophonist, plays jazz, collaborating not only with jazz musicians, but also with Arab performers, Latin American, African music. The musician also teaches composition, arrangement and art of improvisation. His work as a performer and composer concentrates in equal parts on jazz, classical and non-European music, and the style combines the methods of modern, ancient and ethnic music with elements of jazz.

 March 24 in the program of Trans-Siberian Art Festival "Children play for Children" will be the world premiere of Daniel Schnyder work "iGeneration", the genre of which the author defined as Concerto Grosso for violin, cello and two young solo violinists. The play will be performed by artistic director of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival Vadim Repin, cellist Alexander Buzlov, students of the Zakhar Brohn School of Music (Zurich) Sophie Branson and Ilva Eigus and Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra conducted by Alim Shakhmametiev.

On March 25, Daniel Schnyder, the string quartet "Phaeton", Mikhail Belyaev and Vladimir Dranitsa will leave for a two-day trip to the Novosibirsk region to present their program in its distant regions. On this day, a concert will be held in Krasnozyorsky, located 270 kilometers from Novosibirsk (population is about 9 thousand people), March 26 musicians will perform in Karasuk (the population is about 28 thousand people, location - 380 kilometers from the regional center).

The concerts of the fifth Trans-Siberian Art Festival, headed by Vadim Repin, will be held from March to July 2018. The festival program in Novosibirsk will end of 2nd April, though the Russian part of the Festival will last to May 13 and will include Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Samara in its route. By tradition, small towns of the Novosibirsk region will not be left without attention, the list of which has expanded significantly this year: Berdsk, Krasnozyorskoe, Toguchin, Karasuk.The foreign part of the route will take place in the USA and Japan in June and July.

The key point in the geography of the festival is Novosibirsk - the hometown of the artistic director of the project. One of the key participants in the project is Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra. Vadim Repin repeatedly stressed the decisive role played by the collective in implementing the idea of ​​the Trans-Siberian Art Festival. The main venue of the festival always remains the Arnold Kats State Concert Hall - the new Philharmonic Hall opened in 2013 and, according to Vadim Repin, has become one of the necessary conditions for the implementation of the idea of ​​the festival.

To date, the Trans-Siberian Art Festival has been highly appreciated by the Government of Russia, its programs are included in the cultural presentation of the country at the international level.

The festival is supported by the Government and the Governor of Novosibirsk Region. Also the festival is supported by: the official sponsor of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival, JSC Russian Railways, sponsor of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival PJSC SIBUR Holding.

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