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6 september 2012, 12:19
In the beginning of October Novosibirsk Symphony Orchestra will take part in the festival on German island Usedom. One of the performances will be held in the building in which during the Second World War the Third Reich made the world's first ballistic missile, the V-2.

In early October Novosibirsk Symphony Orchestra will go to the big tour with concerts in Germany, the Baltic countries and St. Petersburg and Moscow. In Germany, the orchestra will take part in the prestigious festival on the island Usedom. Under the direction of principal guest conductor Thomas Sanderling the Orchestra will give three concerts, the first of which will take place in the concert hall in a converted power station. At this place during the Second World War the big defense project of National Socialism to produce the world's first ballistic missile, the V-2, was carried out.

The first concert took place in this building in 2002: more than 250 participants performed «War Requiem» by Britten under the direction Mstislav Rostropovich. Since then, there were outstanding conductors, and each time the program of concerts was linked to the history of this place. Novosibirsk Symphony Orchestra will first-ever appear at Peenemunde, will perform the works, which absorbed a powerful charge of pacifism: Beethoven's Ninth Symphony with the ode «To Joy» on the lyrics by Schiller, and rarely performed ode «To Joy» by Tchaikovsky, written on the lyrics by Schiller in Russian translation. In the performance will feature famous German teams — Berlin Radio Choir and the Choir of the North German Radio. According to Thomas Sanderling recording of a performance is scheduled, followed by the national radio broadcast in Germany.

Novosibirsk orchestra was invited to participate in the festival thanks to recordings of Taneev’s symphonies, realized under the direction of Thomas Sanderling on the prestigious record label Naxos, which was highly appreciated by foreign critics.

Prior to the tour the orchestra will open the concert season in Novosibirsk: performances on September 17 and 18 will be traditionally held in memory of Arnold Kats. On 12 September the orchestra will participate in the opening of the Philharmonic season under the direction of Gintaras Rinkevicius. The entrance is free.

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