The International Jazz Festival will give the Novosibirsk public the opportunity to attend real jazz sessions.

7 may 2019, 08:00
It is impossible to imagine true jazz without jam session. This characteristic way of musicians to demonstrate their mastery of improvisation reveals the very essence of jazz music: jam session concentrates in itself all the joy of creativity, all the freedom of expression.
The international jazz festival SibJazzFest-2019, which will be held in Novosibirsk at the end of May, invites you to an incredible according to their energy jazz sessions, which will end each festival day. Novosibirsk Philharmonic creates a unique atmosphere of the jazz club especially for the sessions: the stage will be located in the Concert Hall of Arnold Kats State Concert Hall, where dozens of candles will be lit on comfortable tables in the summer twilight, and the stage platform will be decorated with professional light. As in every good jazz club the situation will let communicate freely.
The public will see a special mystery of the birth of new melodies based on the famous jazz standards. Famous jazzmen and Novosibirsk musicians will appear on the stage and will improvise in the best traditions of jazz. Session format, as usual, is completely different from the concert one. There will be no pre-prepared program and a specific order of performances. Everyone present will be able to plunge into the light atmosphere of the game and unpredictability, the atmosphere of real jazz.
Since May the 7th tickets for jam sessions have are available at the ticket offices and on the website of Novosibirsk Philharmonic Society within the framework of SibJazzFest-2019. Hurry up to get your tickets!