Oratorio, written by an Orthodox priest, will be performed at the Festival of Russian Music «Pokrov Autumn»

14 october 2013, 11:28
On 18 October Novosibirsk premiere of the oratorio «St. Matthew Passion» written by Metropolitan Hilarion will take place at Arnold Kats State Concert Hall. This composition created in 2006 received worldwide fame and became the basis for the film of Pavel Lungin “Conductor”. The oratorio will be the most significant event of the Festival of Russian Music «Pokrov Autumn.»

During 2007-2012 the oratorio was performed 48 times, in 14 cities of Russia, as well as in Moldova, Greece, Ukraine, Hungary, Australia, Canada, Macedonia, Serbia, Italy, Turkey, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland and the USA.

In Novosibirsk the oratorio “St. Matthew Passion” will be performed by Novosibirsk musicians together with foreign guests – State Choir named after G.Shirma (Republic of Belarus). Among Novosibirsk performers: Philharmonic Chamber choir, ensemble “Markell’s voices”, priest Dmitry (evangelist), soloists – Olga Osipova (soprano), Liudmila Tiukhaeva (alto), Igor Zenin (tenor), Dmitry Filatov (bass), Choir studio «Per aspera ad astra». Conductor – Andrey Galanov (Belarus). The project is realized with the support of Novosibirsk Diocese of Russian Orthodox Church.

The Festival of Russian music «Pokrov Autumn – 2013” is devoted to the 85th anniversary of Siberian composer Askold Murov. The concerts of the festival will take place 15 — 19 October. Participants: Novosibirsk philharmonic orchestra, orchestra of Russian folk instruments, folklore ensemble “Rozhdestvo”, philharmonic soloists. Compositions by Askold Murov, Dmitry Shostakovich, Elena Demidova, Andrey Popov and other national composers will be performed.

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