“GuitART” – 2012 started at Novosibirsk state philharmonic society

6 april 2012, 12:00
On 4 April the first concert of the International Festival of Guitar Music «GuitART» -2012 took place. This is not first time when the philharmonics carries out the festival, but this year it is a special project, ambitious and bright, dedicated to the 75th anniversary season of the Philharmonic society.

On 5 April the press conference took place with participation of the artistic director of the festival Dmitry Illarionov (classical guitar, Moscow), Adriano Sebastiani (classical guitar, Italy), artistic director of “Filarmonica-quartet” Valery Karchaguin (violin) and Deputy Director for International Projects Aliona Bolkvadze. At the meeting participants and organizers of the festival spoke about what music would be played at the «GuitART» concerts, whether it is possible to show different sides of the guitar within the frame of one festival, what the future of the festival «GuitART» is and many others. In the evening there was a concert of one of the best contemporary Italian classical guitarists Adriano Sebastiani with the soloist of the Chamber orchestra Fedor Kabelsky.

According to the ideological inspirer and artistic director of the festival Dmitry Illarionov the concerts of «GuitART» -2012 are polystyled. The main idea — «different guitar: jazz, classical, flamenco, a unique harp-guitar …». Geography of the festival is wide — it gathered the world's best performers and listeners in the capital of Siberia.

The Festival was opened by the Youth guitar orchestra from Germany, which took the applause of grateful listeners on 4 April. For Novosibirsk audience it is a completely new phenomenon. The combination of guitars’ and mandolins’ timbres has a unique expressive possibility and opens up space for creative work of contemporary composers who gladly write for orchestra.

On 10 April at the Chamber Hall — performance of real gypsies. The Rosenberg Brothers are stars of the world level. The Rosenberg Trio from the Netherlands will perform jazz manouche — style born in the environment of European Gypsies. Compositions of the classic of jazz manouche style Django Reinhardt and jazz standards will coexist with the author's music by Stochello Rosenberg.

On 12-13 April the pride of Novosibirsk Philharmonic society «Filarmonica»-quartet performs with virtuoso Dmitry Illarionov. They will offer to the audience a rare combination of string quartet and guitar.

On 14 April at the Chamber Hall Jason Carter will perform whose style is not easy to describe: a harp-guitar, flamenco vocal, string orchestra and emotional passion. Music that will be performed at the concert is author’s.

But the main event of the festival is a performance of Vicente Amigo on 17 April at the Palace of Culture of Railway workers. He is a master of both traditional and modern forms of flamenco. The musician is considered as the main follower of Paco de Lucia. Today Vicente is № 1 in the world of flamenco guitar. Like most of the participants of the festival it will be his first time in Siberia.

All musicians come to Russia specifically for participation at Novosibirsk international guitar festival and this, according to organizers, is particularly valuable. The festival has caused great interest throughout the Siberian region: listeners from Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk, Barnaul are going to visit the “GuitART”. And this fact emphasizes the importance of the event and encourages the revival of the festival in the new season.

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