«Filarmonica» — quartet finished their big tour: Germany — South Korea

20 july 2011, 12:00
Starting from 30 June till 7 July the collective gave several concerts in Germany (Kassel, Luneburg, Magdeburg, Munnih). «Filarmonica» — quartet performed W.A. Mozart Divirtimento and A.Borodin Second quartet for the German audience. The other part of the program Novosibirsk musicians presented together with the professor of Kassel's conservatory, pianist Ivan Urwalow: Piano quartet by W.A. Mozart and D.Schostakovitch quintet.

In South Korea «Filarmonica» — quartet had concerts from 11 till 17 July. The programs of the collective not always coincided with the German ones and supposed collaboration with three Korean pianists. The first concert was in Daegu, which was in the frames of the Festival of Russian music: S.Prokofiev Second quartet, D.Schostakovitch quintet.

In Seoul «Filarmonica» — quartet performed in the most prestigious hall «Neri Art-Centre» and played D.Schostakovitch quintet and «English suites» by S.Kravtsov.

They finished their concert tour in Daejon playing W.A. Mozart Divirtimento, F.Chopin First and Second concerts and «English Suites» by S.Kravtsov.

On 18 June the musicians returned to Novosibirsk.

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