Basho: expressive pantomime by legendary master of the genre

11 january 2016, 02:59
On 7 December  a very interesting program "Basho: A Windswept Spirit” took place in the frames of the XI International Christmas Festival of Arts.

The oldest mime of here and now Adam Darius and his disciple Kazimir Kolesnik performed the expressive pantomime in the triptych:
Scorpion's Song
by Marita Phillips (direct descendant of Pushkin)
performed by Kazimir Kolesnik
This item is about a person's self-destructive tendencies and its resultant emotional chao.

Pierrot in Exile
performed by Adam Darius
This is about the Commedia dell'Arte character, Pierrot, and his melancholic reflections on his nomadic life.

Basho: A Windswept Spirit
text by Basho
Performed by Kaziimir Kolesnik as Basho
and Adam Darius as the Windswept Spirit

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