A concert dedicated to the memory of the tragedy victims will be performed today at the Trans-Siberian Art Festival

28 march 2018, 10:35
Today in Novosibirsk in the program of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival will sound the concert In memoriam, dedicated to the memory of those died in the fire in Kemerovo. Stars of the world performing arts and Novosibirsk musicians will present a special program, which will include works of the appropriate theme and character. All funds from the concert will be sent to the victims and their families.

Originally on March 28 in the program of the festival was planned an evening of jazz music performed by the owner of three Grammy awards Thomas Quasthoff and his quartet. In connection with the Day of Mourning announced yesterday in Russia, the concert program was changed, now along with the singer on the stage of Arnold Kats State Concert Hall there will be such stars of world music as violinist Vadim Repin, cellist Alexander Buzlov, singers Veronika Dzhioeva, Mari-Sophie Pollak, Catriona Morison, Jan Petryka, pianist Alexey Volodin, soloist of Novosibirsk Philharmonic, viola player Ilya Tarasenko, and young musicians - violinist Albina Khaybullina, pianists Eva Medvedko and Roman Borisov.

"All these days the whole country, each person lives with a pain in his heart and with thoughts of those who died in a terrible tragedy in Kemerovo. Yesterday, when it became known about the Day of Mourning announced on March 28 in Russia, we faced a difficult choice and were on the brink of canceling today's concert," says Vadim Repin, artistic director of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival. "In the end, we took, in my opinion, the right decision . The program today will not be entertaining. It will include masterpieces of classical music, in which the pain of their creators is recorded on the death of dear people, the works in which the wisdom of geniuses sounds in their reflections on life and death. In my opinion, the performance of this music is the best that we can do to honor the memory of all the dead and the best that we can do to stay together and try to somehow survive this grief."

The musicians will performthe "Autumn Song" by Tchaikovsky and the Trio of the Memory of the Great Artist, written by the composer after the untimely death of his friend, the pianist Nikolai Rubinstein, the numbers from Mozart's Requiem, Ave Maria by Caccini, the second part of Schumann's Piano Quintet, jazz ballads.

On March 26, during the solo concert of Vadim Repin, which the violinist dedicated to his mother, the program also was changed. Artistic director of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival commented: "In the morning on the day of the concert, I and the pianist Andrei Korobeinikov decided to replace one of the compositions. Everyone knows what a tragedy happened in Kemerovo: this event is absolutely terrible - it seems to me that no person today can pass by it in the world of art or in his profession. In memory of the victims, Prokofiev's First Sonata sounded - one of the most tragic works for our band, for the duet - and one of the most brilliant".

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