Broadened staff

For several years already “Siberian Brass” has been performing not as a quintet only but also doubling its composition until brass-ten. Broadened composition has its repertoire, many of his programs are very popular and were many times repeated. Brass-ten performs not only in Novosibirsk but also in other cities of Siberia. 

Nicolay Sizikov, trombone 
Ivan Koroban, trumpet, trumpet-piccolo 
Artir Ermakov, trumpet 
Evgeny Saltymakov, trumpet, trumpet piccolo 
Andrey Basov, trumpet, trumpet-piccolo, flugelhorn 
Vassily Sokolov, horn 
Dmitry Chetverikov, horn 
Vladimir Grishin, tuba 
Sergey Kuzov, trombone 
Evgeny Firsov, bas-trombone 
Dmitry Hramov, percussion