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Reviews CD «Tongues of Fire»
Carl Rütti. Concerto for solo-organ, strings and percussion (World Première Recording)
Anton Arensky (1861-1906). Variations on a theme of Tschaikovsky, Op.35a
Francis Poulenc (1899-1964). Organ concerto in G minor for organ string orchestra and Timpani
Martin Heini organ
Mario Schubiger percussion
The State Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra of Novosibirsk
Rainer Held conductor

Guild GMCD 7386

«Of immediate interest here is the first recording of Carl Rütti's gloriously dramatic Concerto for Organ (his second). Strings and Percussion, thrillingly played with combustible flair by Martin Heini — who also relishes treating Rütti's title track like the virtuoso fireworks display it is — and conducted with no less incendiary imagination by Rainer Held, its two initiators. Arensky's lushly orchestrated op.35 Tchaikovsky Variations and Poulenc's characterful timpani- and strings-accompanied organ concerto prove delectable bed fellows. Vivid recorded sound adds to the considerable pleasure.»
Michael Quinn (CHOIR & ORGAN)

«The orchestra impresses from the start, buzzing with incisive rhythmic vitality and crackling with high-voltage energy. Martin Heini adds a few thousand volts to the proceedings with his decidedly pugilistic cluster chords and sparkling fingerwork. Written specifically for him (the booklet notes highlight the pivotal role he played in encouraging the composer to write the work in the first place), the Concerto clearly is designed as a showcase for an exceptional virtuoso player who amazes and impresses at every twist and turn of this high-octane score. …Oh for the day when the term Organ Concerto does not confine itself to Handel and Poulenc.»
Dr. Marc Rochester, Singapur (Dr Marc’s Blog)

«A worthwhile program of works for organ and orchestra, including the popular Poulenc Concerto. Although the Poulenc Organ Concerto has multichannel SACD competition from Linn, Oehms and Ondine, this is a fine performance and the other three works on the disc are of prime interest. Swiss organist Heini and countryman conductor Held have assembled a fine program, the young musicians of Novosibirsk support them in excellent fashion, and the sonics are first-rate.»
John Sunier (audiophile audition)

“The Chamber Orchestra of the Novosibirsk State Philharmonic offers a delightfully fresh performance – one could hardly wish for a happier choice of string ensemble for the present repertoire … I have rarely heard such an exciting recording of Poulenc’s Organ Concerto … The CD is completed by the rarely heard Tchaikovsky Variations op. 35a by Anton Arensky (whose fourth variation can in musical terms certainly be seen to have a connection to the Poulenc Concerto). This work, written in 1894, is given an unusually spirited performance by this orchestra that could hardly have been bettered by the famous, ‘big’ names on the chamber orchestra scene. Whether they are playing Swiss/British, French or Russian music with Swiss or Russian musicians – the overall result is wonderfully rounded.” Dr Jürgen Schaarwächter ( under the generous and elegant direction of Alexander Polishchuk the strings from Novosibirsk… Ensemble gives the homogeny execution, expressive, with a very beautiful sound
Jean Cossetto RIVIERA CHABLAIS, 20.02.02

Concert in Notre-Dame-de-Toute-Grace
The Novosibirsk Orchestra is very famous in the region. The musicians make a perfect symbiosis with Alexander Polishchuk, conductor. This one seems not to conduct by the gestures only: his face, his fingers and even his thin silhouette expresses the sentiments that the orchestra should interpret; he seems to survive the expressions evoked by music: the musicians look at his face
Claude Spindler LE PASSY, 20.02.03

Ensemble of strings very balanced, enthusiasm of musicians, dynamic direction.Novosibirsk Chamber Orchestra let us enjoy agreeable moment of music
Jean-Michel Collet, INDEPENDENT 23 August 2002 (11 International Festival in St-Cyprien)

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