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Filarmonica–quartet. Today the name of this group is known and important for many Russian and foreign connoisseurs of chamber music. For example, according to recent interrogation by radio German wave, it enters ten best quartets of the world.
«Soviet Siberia» Novosibirsk

Come once at their concert and it won’t be necessary to invite you to the next one. The gravitation strength of the Filarmonica-quartet will involve you much and you’ll become one more satellite of this group .
«Gift» Novosibirsk

Filarmonica–quartet toured in March to Paris, Brussels and some cities of Germany. Second quartet by Tchaikovsky, Quartet B-dur RV N458 by Mozart, Piano quartet by Saent-Saens and Second quartet by Borodin were performed.
«Musical review» Moscow

Quartet evidently riched the world level in performing of modern Russian music
«Kultur in Issen» Germany

Performing of the Forth quartet by Shostakovitch was the most impressive. Quartet demonstrated one more time its exact culture of sounding.
«Reimsheider General Anzeiger» Germany

Nocturn by Borodin and Scherzo by Mosolov performed for encore, showed musicians feeling of tender and exact singing of their instruments, that much admired the audience.
«Noye Rurzeitung» Germany

Outstanding playing of young soloists from the philharmonic string quartet from Novosibirsk impressed much. They play with great power, on the border of possible. Beethoven, Shostakovitch, Roslavetz, Shnitke would enjoy much listening such performing of their music by these young musicians.
«Noye Rurzeitung» Germany
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