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Musicians will participate at the Jazz Festival that will take place in California and will be devoted to the 100 Jubilee from Louis Armstrong birthday. It is remarkable that 19 best orchestras-dixielands from the USA are invited and only one from another country. And it fell to the lot of Siberian Dixieland.
CHESTNOE SLOVO (Novosibirsk)

The artists themselves consider hard work as the main task. Mad hard work without end and limits but to their delight. Plus a solid part of adventurism. It is the favorite conception by Boris Balakhnin, the leader of the Siberian Dixieland.

However, when the trombonist Sergey Poljansky began to perform his vocal part of the Cowboy in love the grateful public appreciated him with applause and flowers.
МЕТRО (Novosibirsk)

In due time members of the orchestra had to survive much. In that time jazz in the USSR was not evidently forbidden but it was not desired. That is why the musicians playing jazz were not persecuted by the law, but were invited from time to time to KGB to explain why they perform this inimical music. The members of the Siberian Dixieland were not the exceptions.
Journal FACT (USA, state California)

Organizers of the Festival in Costa-Meca announce with a great pleasure that the Siberian jazz orchestra-dixieland composed by 6 members takes part in it. The Siberian Dixieland arrives from Novosibirsk, which is considered to be the jazz city of Russia.
Anthology PANORAMA (USA, Los-Angelos) 

The names of the seven musicians from Siberia are among the participants of the Orange County Classic Jazz Festival. John Dieball, president of the Festival said that it was a good fortune that the Siberian Dixieland could come again. They are real professionals, we understand each other perfectly in spite of some difficulties in communication. 
DAILY PILOT (USA, Los-Angelos)
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