Siberian dixieland

Artistic Director
Sergey Gershenovitch, Honoured artist of Russia

Marina Zavyalova


«Siberian Dixieland» was founded in 1988. The orchestra toured actively to the cities and republics of the former Soviet Union, and since 1991 - abroad (Finland, Estonia, the Netherlands, Germany, China, the USA, Switzerland, Poland, and Algeria). In 1994, already in the status of a philharmonic band, the Dixieland opens its own season ticket.

The peculiarity of the artistic image of "Siberian Dixieland" is the intention to perform New Orleans-style music and later compositions adjacent to the swing era. The band presents jazz classics at all Novosibirsk festivals. "Siberian Dixieland" performed with such stars of the jazz world as Tricia Boutte (USA), Antti Sarpila (Finland), Catherine Russell (USA), Dorotea Mele (Italy), Ted Curson (USA) and others.

One of the evidences of the wide recognition of the musicians’ professional level was the invitation of the orchestra to the prestigious American Jazz Festival «Costa Mesa Orange Countu Classic Jazz Festival» in 2001. The orchestra became first foreign band participating in the Festival. The success of Novosibirsk musicians surpassed all expectations: the "Siberian Dixieland" was named in the top of three commercial Dixielands in the USA, and its fans founded the band’s fan club in America. Since then, the "Siberian Dixieland" has been regularly invited to the festival «Costa Mesa Orange Countu Classic Jazz Festival».

In 2002 the "Siberian Dixieland" performed with great success at the largest jazz festival of Europe in Montreux (Switzerland), and became traditional guest at "Pori Jazz Festival" (Finland). In Finland there is a second foreign fan club of the band.

In February 2014 the jazz orchestra "Siberian Dixieland" participated in the cultural program of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.

Sergey Gershenovich, Honoured artist of Russia, trumpet
Igor Gulyj, piano
Evgenie Golovanov, saxophone
Vadim Dobrjakov, trombone
Vladimir Kirpichev, drums
Ivan Krivtsov, banjo, guitar, balalaika
Denis Kostin, tuba

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