Arcady Burkanov

Artistic director
Arcady Burkanov,
Honoured artist of The Russian Federation

In 1981 graduated with perfection from the Music School after the Moscow Conservatoire, two faculties (guitar and choir conducting).

In 1986 graduated with perfection from the Novosibirsk Conservatoire named after M.I. Glinka (class of A.M. Kljuev). Since that time he combines concert (Novosibirsk Philharmonic Society) and pedagogical activity (Novosibirsk Conservatoire). Thanks to A.Burkhanov's efforts the class of before-classical guitar was opened at the Novosibirsk Conservatoire. Since 1991 he is the artistic director and soloist of the Ensemble of ancient music «Insula Magica».

Arkady Burkhanov is a musician-multiinstrumentalist, mastering the technique of playing the many old musical instruments (lutes, guitar, violas, block-flutes, crummhorn, cornemuz, ranket, gothic harp and others). From 1994 Burkhanov is the Vice-President of the Novosibirsk Center of Classic Guitar.
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