Igor Tuvaev was urgently invited to South Korea to conduct the concert and give a master class

9 november 2016, 10:15
Igor Tuvaev, artistic director of Novosibirsk Philharmonic Ensemble "Markell’s Voices", urgently flew to South Korea to conduct the concert of Wonju Civic Chorale and give a master class at the Conservatory of Seoul.

On 10th and 11th of November in the South Korean city of Wonju concerts of Wonju Civic Chorale will be held under the conduction of Igor Tuvaev, artistic director of Novosibirsk Philharmonic Ensemble "Markell’s Voices". On 10th of November concert will be held in the Central Concert Hall Wonju, on 11th of November concert will be held in the city administration. On 12th of November Igor Tuvaev will give a conducting master class at the Conservatory of Seoul.

Wonju Civic Chorale actively cooperates with guest conductors, a couple of weeks ago, maestro from Norway worked with them, and this week American conductor should have worked with the Choral, but evidently some circumstances prevented him from, - says Igor Tuvaev, artistic director of the Ensemble "Markell’s Voices" - I received an offer to work with the Chorale, everything was solved in a short time. We were incredibly lucky that there were no planned concerts of my collective at those dates”.

According to Igor Tuvaev, the Korean side perceives him not only as a Russian conductor, but also as a representative of European culture. For Chorale and concert agency, which sent an invitation, is incredibly important that Igor Tyuvaev worked in Vienna, he taught at Vienna Conservatory and worked with legendary conductor Nikolaus Harnoncourt. The agency is already discussing with Novosibirsk conductor the possibility of hisparticipation in the Choir Festival in Seoul, scheduled for next year.

”First I offered the Choral to prepare a program of Russian music together, but this task seemed to them a very large and complex, so the program was compiled from music of different epochs and styles - from Renaissance madrigals to jazz" - says the musician”.

“The Chorale is of incredibly high European level. There are 35 people. All of them are professional singers. They constantly sing Bach and European classics,"- Igor Tuvaev shares his impressions after the first rehearsal”.

Novosibirsk conductor emphasizes that in South Korea they pay particular attention to the choral art: "It is surprising that in such a small country there are about 60 professional choirs, while in the whole Russia today there are only about fifteen professional philharmonic choirs".

Wonju Civic Chorale was founded in 1988. Wonju is a city in Gangwon province, located about 140 kilometers East to Seoul.

Shortly after returning Igor Tuvaev and Ensemble "Markell’s Voices" will present to Novosibirsk audience the program, "Ivan Susanin and Americans": you hear music created by Russian and foreign composers in the court of Russian tsars. The concert will take place on 18th of November; tickets cost from 250 to 600 rubles and are available at the ticket office and on the Philharmonic website for purchase online.

 Городской хор Вонджу и Игорь Тюваев, репетиция.jpg

Городской хор Вонджу и Игорь Тюваев, репетиция2.jpg

Городской хор Вонджу и Игорь Тюваев, репетиция3.jpg


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