Абонемент №26 (2021-22)

Начало в 19.00, в выходные в 18.00
3 concerts
Price 800–1200 р.
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Past concerts

2 March, 19:00
Once upon a time to America Абонемент №26 (2021-22)

Traditional Jazz, Armstrong, Ellington, Roll Morton, Porter, Tizol, Williams, Handy, Lewis, Delancey

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Siberian dixieland
4 December, 18:00
Black and white jazz Абонемент №26 (2021-22)

Traditional jazz, Armstrong, Brooks, Gershwin, Berlin, Rowley, Morton, Mancini, Henderson, Williams, Hughes

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Siberian dixieland Natalia Vaseeva, jazz vocals
Variety Orchestra
Conductor – Victor Ivanov

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